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Little did they know...

Oct 2013

Ever had somebody who read a good article & shared with you? in office? When you have a good company, you can expect it. The  article was written by Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman stating “95% os purchase decisions are subconscious”. Little did our co-founder know that a few years later, it is will lead to a path-breaking patent worthy idea.

that there will be this chat...

Apr 2014

A bunch of marketing professionals are wondering why research recommendation are only partially correct, if not vague. The best of agencies were working for us and we had tons of data and really bulky presentations. None of them really helped beyond a level. We wanted a more reliable option but, no one knew any better.

and will connect the dots...

Jun 2015

Call it ‘apple falling on our head’ that led to discovery of gravity, we realised via another friendly conversation, that clinical psychologists can decipher human subconscious and yeah, Saurabh somehow had kept the HBS article intact & ready in his mind

and experience a Eureka moment...

Jun 2015   AGAIN

THE EUREKA MOMENT : Decoding Human Insights & Real Consumer Purchase Behaviour

greeting everybody's suspicion, just like every other innovation...

Jul 2015 Mar 2016

Met Psychologists. Spent a bomb. Rejected & kick-out for not being a patient & not talking in medical lingo either. Thankfully meeting psychologist doesn’t lead to depression.

until that fateful day...

Apr 2016

One of the renowned psychologists found it exciting and there began the journey of creating Atom : Our tool that decipher the subconscious  

that lead to creation of Uspire Consulting...

Nov 2016 - Aug 2017

Yeah, Uspire was born on 22nd Nov 2016

First client for Atom:  a badly stuck real estate developer.

& rest is just history & case studies

Aug 2017 - 

till date

Over 20 clients from FMCG, Consumer Goods, Automobiles, Real Estate, Cosmetics and a bunch of exciting start ups

is subconscious

95% of purchase decision making is subconscious.

conscious just validates

can be decoded

clinical psychologists can decipher what's in consumers' subconscious mind


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